UK Food to Go Market Report 2023

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The report is a comprehensive resource for your success in the UK food to go market, whether you’re validating your business strategy, tracking market size and share, planning new product development, or positioning your brand.

Report Details

The Lumina Intelligence Food to Go Market Report 2023 is the ultimate guide to stay ahead in the fast-paced food to go industry.

With a focus on future outlook and comprehensive insights into consumer behaviour and preferences, this report will provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions for your business. Whether you’re validating your business strategy, tracking market size and share, planning new product development, or positioning your brand, this report has everything you need to succeed in the food to go industry.

The report delves into the growth drivers and inhibitors in the industry and provides market growth and turnover forecasts to 2025, enabling you to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

Omnichannel, sustainability and digitalisation are key themes of the report analysing the impact of a shift in consumer locations, government proposed legislation and developments in technology.

How to use the report?

Validate Business Case and Forecasting: Use the market insight, competitive landscape, and future outlook sections to validate your business strategy and make accurate forecasts. Identify potential gaps for exploitation.

Track Market Size and Share: Use the report’s reliable data on market size, revenue share, and share of wallet to measure the impact of your business efforts on market share.

Plan New Product Development: Use the NPD analysis section to inform your product choices and align them with seasonal launches and changing consumer demand.

Plan Brand Positioning and Marketing: Use the consumer insight section to understand consumer preferences, motivations, attitudes, and purchase context. Identify market gaps to exploit.

Who is it for?

For data and insight, and commercial teams, the report provides valuable market insight and competitive landscape analysis that can help answer questions about the current and future market, the impact of their business efforts on market share, and potential gaps to exploit.

For coffee and food planning teams, the report provides NPD analysis to inform product choices, ensuring they stay relevant to changing consumer demand.

For brand, creative, and marketing teams, the consumer insight section of the report provides valuable information about consumer preferences, motivations, and attitudes to help shape brand positioning and marketing efforts.

For commercial teams, the report is intended to support range and pricing strategy. The report provides insight into how prices are changing and helps ensure that prices are in line with the market.

Overall, the report is designed to help teams make informed decisions about their business and operational strategy by providing market insight, consumer insights, and price analysis.

Market sizing:

  • What is the value of the market and how has the market recovered?
  • What is the breakdown of the market by subchannel?
  • What is food to go’s share of the total eating out market?
  • What are the key growth drivers and inhibitors impacting the food to go market?

Growth Opportunities:

  • What are the mega trends shaping the total market?
  • How are mega trends interacting with the food to go market?
  • How can food to go operators and suppliers win in food to go?

Competitive landscape:

  • Who are the top 10 players in the food to go market and how are they performing?
  • Breakdown of the key players in the market across sub channels
  • New concepts and initiatives at an operator level
  • Price analysis on leading food to go operators
  • New product analysis through bespoke analysis

Future outlook:

  • What are Lumina Intelligence growth forecasts to 2026F?
  • Breakdown of future forecasts by sub-channel
  • What are the future growth drivers?
  • What are the longer term challenges facing food to go?

Consumer eating out behaviour across all UK eating and drinking out channels through the Lumina Intelligence Eating & Drinking Out Panel, based on 78,000 interviews each year

Market sizing data tracking the performance of hospitality and grocery operators, based on turnover and outlet numbers as well as extracts from Operator Data Index and wider synthesis with total Eating Out market sizing

Bespoke analysis of new products available at a selection of key food to go player sites, with year-on-year comparisons

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