Healthier Eating Report 2019

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Two-fifths of UK adults say that eating healthily is of high importance to them. That’s 20bn consumers seeking healthier options. Are you maximising this opportunity?

This report provides invaluable insight on the healthier eating category to help you deliver a successful growth strategy.

Report Details

The Lumina Intelligence Healthier Eating Report 2019 provides a comprehensive overview of the healthier eating category across the Eating Out and Grocery Retail sectors.

The report helps to identify the healthier needs & demands of consumers, key healthy messages that influence their purchase decisions and the most important sources of healthier eating information for different consumer groups.

Operators, retailers and suppliers can use this report for critical analysis that will help inform your business with strategic decisions surrounding NPD, key channels for investment and product placement, as well as helping you demonstrate a key understanding of the market place.

How to use the report?

Identify the key factors driving the healthier eating trend.

  • Understand the products and ingredients that impact consumer decision making
  • Learn how health is impacting the grocery retail sector
  • Gain insight into how leading brands are approaching the healthier eating category.
  • Find out how you can drive greater sales of healthier options in your store/outlet.
  • Explore ways to differentiate your offer from the competition.
  • Identify growth opportunities over the next three years and futureproof your healthier eating strategy.
Executive Summary
Healthier Eating Attitudes
  • How important is healthier eating to consumers?
  • What does healthier eating mean to consumers?
  • What influences healthier eating?
  • What food and drink items do consumers perceive as healthier?
  • What are the barriers to healthier eating?
Healthier Eating Behaviours
  • What diets are consumers following?
  • Why do they choose these diets?
  • How long have they followed these diets for?
  • How much alcohol do consumers drink?
  • What are the healthiest day parts?
  • How have healthier eating habits changed in the last year?
  • On what days are consumers healthiest?
Information, Labelling And Government Intervention
  • What sources do consumers use for healthier eating advice?
  • What are most influential healthier eating messages?
  • What are consumer attitudes towards government intervention?
  • How important is product labelling to consumers?
  • Two-fifths of UK adults say that eating healthily is of high importance to them. That’s 20bn consumers seeking healthier options. Are you maximising this opportunity?
Consumer Needs & Satisfaction
  • How important is offering a wide range of healthier options?
  • How influential is range in venue decision making?
  • How important are healthier options promotions?
  • How satisfied are consumers with the range of healthier options across different channels?
  • Who are the top 10 brands in the eyes of the consumer?
Menu Analysis
  • How are operators adapting to the growing trend towards health?
  • How many menu items are labelled vegan, vegetarian, low-calorie?
Key Competitor Analysis
  • Who are the leading health-focused operators by outlets and turnover?
  • Which brands have seen strongest growth in this fast-growing market sector?
Future Outlook
  • What changes do consumers expect to make in the future to eat more healthily?
  • What will they eat more/less of?
  • How important will different diets and eating preferences become?
  • What do consumers want to see more of from operators and retailers to help them eat & drink more healthily?
  • c.2,350 bespoke online surveys with UK consumers (nationally representative)
  • Data from the MCA Eating Out Panel across the past 4 years that consists of 72,000 annual consumer interviews
  • Data from the MCA Operator Data Index – comprising of data on 700+ leading UK operators, including market rankings, sales and outlet numbers and monthly analysis.
  • Extracts from the HIM Healthy Snacking Report 2018, MCA Menu Tracker.
  • Desk research: news articles and trade press, company websites, reports & accounts and industry associations.
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